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This opportunity might be PERFECT for YOU…  However, our company is not for everyone. We hold ourselves to high standards. You will be expected to push yourself and hustle, and you must be willing to follow a proven system and be held accountable for your results. We are looking for agents who are hungry for massive success and who fit our ‘positive attitude’ culture.


Too Many LEADS!  …it’s a Good Problem to Have.

We are searching for go-getters who want to follow a proven system that’s designed to attract and convert warm prospects into hot buyers. We will set you up with our powerful software. Flood your account with leads. Show you how to instantly follow up with with calls, texts, and emails. You will learn scripts and dialogues to properly qualify prospects so you don’t waste your time. You will nurture buyers who are not ready yet, and run with the hot buyers who are good to go. You will be provided with a buyer presentation package that will cause buyers to sign up with you. And you will make sales.

How May Leads Has Your Current Broker Given You Lately?

The First Step In Getting Anywhere… Is Knowing Exactly Where You Want To Go.

Its Simple. Plan The Work, Then Work The Plan.

Starting on Day #1, we will purposely plan out your goals.

It’s been said that if you don’t know where you are going, then anywhere will do. And that is not the way to run a fine-tuned real estate machine.  You have hopes. You have dreams. You want to make a difference. And you want to earn a fine living helping people. That’s fair game and you deserve it!

We will work together to plan out meaningful targets, you will hustle hard to reach those milestones, we will hold you accountable to what you say you want …and you will turn those dreams into reality!

Sky is the limit …and we are with you every step of the way.

Dream Big. Work Hard. Stay Focused. And Surround Yourself With Good People.

Here is Quick Overview of What We Have to Offer.

If you would like to explore this opportunity further, and are curious about applying for the Buyer Agent Specialist position…here are a few more reasons why you should complete the form below. After you submit your application, we will be in contact to schedule a meeting and set up a time to give you a behind-the-scenes look at our systems.

ZERO Monthly Fees

We Do Not Charge Monthly Fixed Fees.

ZERO Cost Business Cards

We Provide Free Business Cards

Business Planning

We Help You Set Purposeful Targets.

Agent Scorecard

We Offer An Online Business Dashboard.

ZERO Advertising Fees

We Pay For All Marketing Costs.

ZERO Technology Fees

We Pay For Lead Conversion Software.

Time Management

We Help Increase Your Productivity.

Buyer Presentation Package

We Offer Lead Converting Presentations.

ZERO Website Fees

Free Lead Generation Website.

ZERO Lead Generation Fees

We Provide Company Generated Leads.

Coaching & Accountability

We Guide You To Reach Your Goals.

Scripts & Dialogue Training

We Teach You Exactly What to Say.
…and Much, Much More!

The Distance Between Dreams and Reality is Called ...ACTION.

Your Application is 100% Strictly Confidential. Period!

Step 1: Decide that a 'Team Concept' is the right fit.

The culture of our Boutique Group Brokerage means that we operate together under a set of systems. If you are the type of person who does not want to follow a proven process, or always has ‘do it your own way’ then this may not be the right fit. If you are coachable, open to learning and growing, and want to be part of a fun group of people …then move to Step 2.

Step 2: Submit the Form & Let's Talk!

Fill out the “I Want to Learn More” form and click submit. We look forward to contacting you to discuss this opportunity. All submissions are 100% confidential.
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