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 – Present (14+ years) Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Frank has been successfully serving the Winnipeg real estate market for over 10 years. He has had the pleasure of helping people buy, sell and invest in real estate, and his exceptional service is clear with hundreds of written testimonials to show for it.

Frank is a marketer at heart, having evolved from a very diverse background. He completed his formal education with a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) degree from the Asper School of Business at the University of Manitoba.

Frank began his career representing Canada’s largest investment bank as a financial advisor where he gained valuable experience marketing investment products. At the pinnacle of the tech-stock boom in 1999, Frank left the financial services industry and founded a technology company geared to servicing the real estate market, and has helped thousands of Realtors to successfully market themselves online.

After taking over a publicly-traded competitor in Western Canada, Frank sold his share in the software company and used the knowledge he gained in real estate marketing to instantly launch himself as a top local Realtor. He quickly rose up the ranks by creating immediate brand presence using a very aggressive marketing effort which included numerous promotional methods from bus benches, billboards, radio, direct mail, internet marketing, social media, and networking.

With his unique background, Frank markets real estate in the most cutting-edge fashion helping home sellers gain maximum exposure and top dollar. As well, Frank is a skilled negotiator and assists home buyers in getting the best value for their dollar. In addition, Frank is an active real estate investor himself, with multiple properties, and he expertly guides investors in finding and securing great real estate deals, and an excellent ROI.

Whether buying, selling or investing in Winnipeg real estate, the smart choice is to seek expert advice.

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3-525 Academy Road, Winnipeg, MB, Canada

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103 Seine River Crossing , Ste Anne

Seine River Crossing Rd, Ste. Anne, MB R5H 1H7, Canada


257 St. Alphonse Avenue , Ste Anne, MB

257 St Alphonse Ave, Ste. Anne, MB, Canada

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21 Oustic Avenue, Winnipeg, MB

21 Oustic Avenue, Winnipeg, MB, Canada

We Brought the Buyer!

40 Kingston Row, Winnipeg, MB

40 Kingston Row, Winnipeg, MB, Canada